On Messes

It never ends. The mess. I feel like I can never get ahead of it. I broom the floor one day and then the next morning it is completely awful again with wrappers, dirt, papers, legos, anything that you can think of.

The basement, oh the messiest place of all in our house. One room full of my husband’s things he doesn’t want to discard. I wish I could trash it all because it has not been touched in years. But I just shut the door to it and remind myself that it’s not my stuff, my mess and I can let it be.

Sometimes my mind is a mess and I need to clear it by making lists of things to do, to look at online, tthings to shop for, to do this summer. Ugh, the mess never ends. It’s the 3rd law of thermodynamics I’m battling against – all order returning to it’s natural way of chaos. The mess will always be encroaching.


Five Minute Friday link-up with Lisa Jo Baker.


One thought on “On Messes

  1. I hear ya. You have a basement…I have an attic. Twenty years of accumulation has caught up with me and I’m paying the price. Does it help you that it helps me to read this and know that I’m not alone? 🙂

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